Monday, July 11, 2005

Apologies For Being Away & Breaking News

I'm SSSSSOOOOOO sorry I've been away for so long and haven't been posting to this blog. Been busy working on my other blogs (see right) and have had other things going on.

That leads me to my BREAKING NEWS.

As you have undoubtedly figured out simply by reading my post from Friday October 17, 2003, my brother Leonard (he's the one in Missouri) is married. That's not the news I have to report. The news I have to report tonight is that he and his wife are coming to town next week. They will have their darling little daughter Gracelyn with them (I've been asked by my brother to not post pictures of Gracelyn. Being the ethical blogger I am, not to mention the caring brother I am, I'm respecting their wishes on the matter).

Bill & I were introduced to their daughter Gracelyn in late 2003 or early 2004 (I forget now. I do remember it was just prior to Dad's death though) as Leonard brought her into town for a special visit as soon as he possibly could shortly after he learned that Dad was pretty much on the last leg of his life. See this post and this post for further details. But neither Bill nor I have met our sister-in-law Susannah yet. Bill has no doubt talked to her over the phone a few times and Susannah and I exchanged emails once, but that's been about it. Mom went to Kansas City, MO. to spend Thanksgiving with Leonard, Susannah & Gracelyn, but neither Bill or I could go with Mom due to a variety of issues (we wished that it was possible though).

We are hoping to have a family get together of some sort sometime during their visit. This get-together will also include my other brother Bill (who lives in town) and his son Jaxon (sorry, no pics of him available either). But this all depends on a certain someone who, at least for this post, we shall keep nameless as well as faceless (suffice to say, she's hardly the most ideal mother for ANY kid, let alone my nephew Jaxon). There are some other sordid issues which involve this "woman" (I prefer to think of her in a somewhat different light) that could keep the get together from happening as the rest of us hope. We're praying those issues can be addressed and details can be worked out in time.

Anyhow, for my brother Leonard and his wife Susannah, the trip is a combination of business and pleasure. Susannah is a publisher for The International Church Of The Nazarene which is based in Kansas City, MO. Leonard is a Pastor there (Leonard, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this *smile*) and apparently there is some sort of conference which will take up part of their time as well.

Ohh well. Life goes on. Better to have their company part of the time than none of the time. Such wasn't the case some several years ago when Leonard returned from "the dead" as it were. Someday, when I get the time (and if I can find the letter and get his permission), I'll post the long letter he wrote and add a link to it as a supplement to this post and this post. Either that or I'll simply make a simple web page out of it or something. I dunno.

Anyhow, that's all the news there is for now. More details will be posted here as they become available (unless I'm told not to mention them). This will also be discussed (hopefully in greater detail) on my latest podcast which you can access by clicking here to go to my podcast page.

In the meantime....Cheers for now everyone :)

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