Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Latest On Dad

Well I paid a visit to Dad this afternoon
at the Hospice Care Facility today. He looks good (apparently MUCH
better than he did before), but it doesn't look like he'll be released
anytime soon (this is due mostly to my parents' current living situation
- Don't get me started on THAT tangent). From what I've been told,
he still can't hardly do anything (Even HEARING is a major challenge for
him). He can hardly get out of bed, let alone do anything else.

Aside from that and a few aches and pains, he's his ol' usual self.

I keep hoping he'll be released sometime soon, but I'm told he needs
a night nurse. And since my mom is NOT a licensed nurse, even though
she's his Personal Care Assistant, she can't possibly serve as his night
nurse and STILL be expected to do the same during many of the daylight
hours. In short, he basically needs 24/7 care. which is why
he's back in the hospital in the Hospice Care Facility.

His diet is mostly liquids as he can't even chew, so it doesn't look
like he'll get his appetite back simply by eating a six inch Veggie Delite
imported from the nearby Subway
anytime soon either (I was able to pull this trick off with ease when my
Mom had Hip Replacement surgery several years back. Jared would be
so proud. :)).

Well....That's the latest news from here, now back to you in the studio
(Wait....I am in the studio. What am I talking about???
:) *LOL!*)

Cheers for now :)


Monday, January 26, 2004

BREAKING NEWS ON THE HOME FRONT: Dad's Back In the Hospital Again

Just got the news from Mom not even 20 mins.
ago. My brother Bill will pay him a visit tomorrow. If he's
still there, hopefully I will do the same in the next couple of days (I'm
almost flat broke as it now that I don't even have the bus fare for a ONE
WAY trip, let alone a round trip one).if they'll allow me to do so (It's
a somewhat complicated issue). Otherwise, I'll try to give him a
call oon the phone. Of course, phone contact isn't the same as contact
in person (especially for someone who may be on their death bed), but it's
the thought that counts, isn't it? He's there due to overall weakness. He's also not eating very well. Doctors haven't a clue why or what's causing his currrent problems.

I'll keep everyone posted on Bill's visit when he updates me tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my other brother Leonarrd in Kansas
City, MO has been informed by Bill & I (and probably Mom too).
Hopefully he won't have to fly in. But if he does, oh well.....

I'm also hopeful that the hospitalization is only temporary, although
since he's in hospice care due to his colon cancer and reaction to chemo
treatment, he'll most likely (and very sadly) be in and out of the hospital
for AT LEAST the bulk of 2004. With any luck at all, he'll live long
enough to see another holiday season, but even that may be somewhat ambitious.

Cheers for now :-)


Thursday, January 22, 2004

RIAA Strikes Again

When....Oh WHEN will the RIAA get the message?

WHEN will they understand that the problem with file sharing HAS NOTHING
WHATSOEVER to do with a willingness among the masses to repeatedly violate
the law (a law which was CUSTOM MADE for the RIAA I might add), but instead
has EVERRYTHING to do with their persistent GOUGING of the price of CDs

The latest comes in a Wired News article

Read it and tell me what you think.

Cheers for now :-)


Wednesday, January 14, 2004


From the MusicRadio
102x Blog Page (which I also own BTW :-))

Thinking of downloading music from one of the P2P file sharing networks?
Thinking of SELLING music to your friends? Think you won't get caught?
Apparently a 55 yearr old Los Angeles parking lot attendant didn't think

Want more? Read this L.A.
weekly article

Apparrently, the RIAA thinks they're a LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY of some
kind and has even gone so far as to hire ex-cops AND the Director of the
Alcohol, Tobacco & Frearms

Fox News also has an
article on the subject too.

And, as if matters aren't getting WORSE, it appears as though we can't
expect very much support frrom the Electrronic
Frrontier Foundation either, though I expect this could very well change
should the RIAA be using their rag tag "police force" for otherr things
such as attempting to enter people's homes. In fact, Jason Schultz,
a staff attorrney told the L.A. Weekly
that "The process of confiscating bootleg CDs from street vendors is exactly
what the RIAA should be doing,".

which could land them in more HOT water than they can say RUMPELSTILSKIN
if they're not careful.

As sucxh....the position of MusicRadio 102X and The Pat Cook Show is
simple. They can bust strreet vendors with this tactic BUT I

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the bottom line.

Cheers for now :-)


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The Adventures Of Replacing My Identity

Boy....I am TIRED.

You'll NEVER believe what I spent the better part of the last TWO days
doing (then again, this *is* the Internet, so maybe you will).

I spent the better part of the last two days running around getting
documentation and other stuff to replace a few ESSENTIAL cards which were
in my wallet that I needed to have. I say this this because I somehow
managed to lose my State-issued ID, my disabled persons discount card for
the bus, and the building security card which I use when I enter the building.
I know I wasn't pick-pocked because my wallet and it as well as the rest
of my cards and MY MONEY were still present and accounted for. Yet
I somehow for the life of me managed to lose those three aforementioned

I discovered they were misssing when I stopped downstairs as I was leaving
the building to run an errand this past Friday to double-check to see if
I had enough change for bus fare. It was a good thing I did so too
because once I opened my wallet, the mystery surfaced immediately
as I keep those cards on top of everything else as they are the most used
ones. Though just to be sure that I wasn't imaginging things, I thumbed
through each one of them. Nothing. I next realized that it
was possible (albeit very remote) that they slipped out of my wallet
and out of my pants pocket either as I slept one night or when I had my
pants off and laying next to my chair on the floor. I went back upstairs
to my apartment to begin my search.

I looked all over on the floor in the area where my pants were.

I looked and felt underneath the cushions of my chair as well as underneath
the chair itself. Nothing.

Fearing the worst, but not panicking, I hoped I would find them later
after I came back from running my errand (security is always more than
willing to let someone in even though they're not supposed to. the
same goes for other residents in the building). Suffice to say that
never panned out either. So I knew the only thing I could
do was to put in for replacements. But that would take $$$.

Figuring I still had my Social Security Card and knew my number by heart
(No I am **NOT** posting it here for all too see!), I figured I'd go down
to the local DMV office to replace my ID (I had already replaced my building
security card even though I could never get the thing to work). But
and behold, the State of Colorado
DOES NOT accept Social Security Cards as proof of identification (you would
*think* they think they would). In fact, about the
only item they accept is a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

So I thought "WONDERFUL.....NOT!".

Though I have to admit I should've had a copy of my birth certificate
in a place (other than my baby photo album) where I could get to it in
case it was ever needed. But leave it to dumbass me for not thinking
of such things....

After I baord the bus (paying the FULL $1.25 fare as opposed to the
$.60 discount fare I would get with my disabled persons discount card if
I had it) leaving the DMV (and with cell phone in hand and soon up to my
ear), I called the agency that handles birth certificates to verify
what I needed for proof of ID to get the copy of my birth certificate which
(again I admit) I should've had to begin with. If I didn't have what
was needed and couldn't drop by home to pick it up, I would proceed home
to stay. As luck would have it, I had a couple of items which were
on their list of secondary ID. I then bypass the apartment and proceed
to Denver
Vital Rrecords to get a copy of my birth certificate.

But it was there I got my biggest surprise.

It cost me FIFTEEN FUCKIN' DOLLARS just to get ONE COPY of my birth
certificate. I was thinking $15 for a piece of paper. What
a ripoff" Talk about price gouging!!! :-(

Anyway, it was too late to go back to the DMV yesterday (Monday) to
get my card and I had a 3:30 appointment to keep. So I decided I'd
return the next day, which is today (Tuesday).

On Tuesday, I returned to the DMV with birth certificate in hand.
I was given a piece of paper which had a number and was told to have a
seat and wait till it was called. I waited.....and waited......and
waited......and waited FOR A WHOLE FUCKIN' 90 MINUTES for my
number to be called. Once it was called, I walked up to the clerk
and she processed my order. She then told me to have a seat until
I was called to have my picture taken. I figure I must've waited
another 10 mnutes or so this time around, but was FAR more reasonable
than my previous waiting time before I was called. This time, they
verified my information and had me sign some things and then took my picture.
I was then given a special "temporary ID" which, I'm told, is as good as
the real thing, but when I asked the clerk if people who needed to see
this "temporary ID" paper when I'm doing certain things such as cashing
checks at the store, she said I'd have to "call and ask". I was then
told that it could take up to THREE WEEKS for it to COME IN


Is it just me or have we entered so far into this so-called "outsourrcing"
era that we can't even get a fuckin' ID card on the spot like we have been
before? I suppose I'lll see my ID card come with a MADE IN CHINA
or MADE IN IBDIA tag on it.

Can you tell that I'm NOT a happy TAXPAYING CITIZEN here?

I mean, imagine this....I am stuck with (what amounts to) a state-issued
VOUCHER which has NO PHOTO on it. That means all one needs is a temporary
ID paper. Don't terrorists still use THROW AWAY PHONES???

With this system, what's to stop a terrrorist from obtaining a THROW AWAY
ID? Although it's only good for 30 days, terrorists can do WONDERROUS things in that 30 day time period with that THROW AWAY

I think I'm going to write my State Representatives AND the Department
of Homeland Security (as clueless as they really are) if for no otherr
reason than to point this out to them. THAT is being a responsible
American (Yes I am a Democrat, so what of it?).

Anyway, off my political soapbox now and back to the subject at hand.
Suffice to say I eventually leave the DMV (hopefully for the last time
in a LONG while), and manage to get to my next destination, the RTD
Administration Building before they close to replace my disabled
persons discount card. But I still had another trip to make.
That was down to my parents' apartment where I could then pick up some
MUCH NEEDED and borrowed $$$ (I stuffed the fare boxes with $1 bills I
was nearly BROKE by the time I left the RTD
Administrration Building ). But this was a good thing as I avoided
a trip I would've had to make eventually by making the stop. :-)

Well.....That's all there is to tell of my advertures the last two days.
Tme to put a wrapper on this and post it.

Wednesday's blog will be on an Today
Show report on

Laters. :-)

Cheers for now :-)


Saturday, January 10, 2004

New Year's Resolutions & Other Stuff

By way of of the Brain
Engines V2.67 Blog
I stumbled across this
that, in it's own little funny way, kinda
makes you ask yourself what your New Years Rresolution should be.
Being the curious cat I was, I decided to take this little test and, well....Here's
my score.

Take the What Should
Your New Year's Resolution Be?

You can take you own test by surfin'
on over to this URL
After the test, you'll be given
some HTML to do whatever you want with. Kinda neat huh? :-)

Say...Hey.....ATTENTION COLORADO BLOGGERS....I keep seeing
a link in the Colorado
Bloggers Ring
a website by a group who (saupposedly)
pick a place to meet in person. Several blogs in the same ring indicate
there's a blog page on Diary-X by the group, but BOTH the Colorado
Bloggers Ring Listing
& the
Diary-X Page
that's on several blog sites results
in a 404 NOT FOUND error. Nothing comes up on Google either. :-( Does ANYONE know if this group
is still around and, if so, the URL of their website or blog page?
This sounds like a very interesting group if I can get in touch with someone
to find out what they do and the like. :-) MUCH thanks in advance
for any info. anyone can give. :-) It's as if this group has
seemingly fallen off the face of the earth or something. :-(

Anyways....In other news.....I **FINALLY** found an RSS Reader that works with Windows so I'm now able to read other people's blogs if they have an RSS or XML feed. So far I've surfed my way through the Colorado
Bloggers Ring
and found quite a few people with RSS feeds of one kind or another. I also went through the Yahoo!
Group Online Diaries Ring
but quickly found that I'm THE ONLY one with an RSS feed. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?

I'll be going through all the other rings to get the feeds from all the
other members of those things too in the very near future. No, this
isn't to launch some sort of "terrorist attack" (God knows the Bush Administration
does enough of that themselves, but that's a completely different subject
for a different day :-)).

Incidentally, you can grab the RSS feed for ALL of my blog entries just by clickin on the RSS FEED in the left hand column at the top. This is provided as a FREE
service to you for your convience. :-)

Finally, I heard they lowered the "terror alert" level today from Orange to Yellow today. You know what that means for us Liberals. That means the Bush Administration needs more time to plan the next "terror alert". Incidentally, has anyone read this
in the New
York Observer
??? Pretty SCARY stuff. I recently heard that a California Deomocrat (can't think of the guy's name, but he apparently serves on one of the Intelligence committees) once told reporters that he can see the "terror alert" level dropping all the way down to blue (the lowest it can go), "Sometime in his lifetime". Heh.

I can see THAT happening as early as January 20th 2005 when President Bush
receives his ONE WAY ticket back to Crawford, TX after we elect a Democrat
into the White House who will restore REAL Honesty & Integrity back
into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But until that happens, we're just gonna have to ride
out the Conservative storm of '04.....

Anyhow....It's getting late and I need to post this. I'm tired. Got lots to blog about and not enough to do it in. :-( *Ugh!* Don't ya just HATE that feeling?

Cheers for now :-)

Monday, January 5, 2004

Denver Broncos PATHETIC SO-CALLED "Performance" Against The Indianapolis Colts

The following is a repost of what I posted in my new sports
blog at

Boy....Can ANYONE believe the way the SORRY-ASSED Broncos
played today against Indy?? I mean TALK ABOUT COCKY & ARRROGANT.

"WE are the ones who BEAT YOU so if ANYONE has ANYTHING
to prove, it's YOU". That's the mentality the Broncos went into the
game today and it cost 'em.

To the tune of 41-10.

Is it just me or did the Broncos players go into the game
thinking that all they had to do was to simply repeat what they did two
weeks ago and they'd somehow *Automagically* win? WHY in the world
do they think the coaches KNEW that Indy would find ways to adjust and
counter what the Broncos did just two weeks ago? Go figure.

Oh well. At least we won't have to wait very long
until the Colorado Crush of the Arena League to look forward to in just
about a month from now, but that won't be the same as watching the Broncos
in the Super Bowl. In a way, I was kinda looking forward to watching
the Crush play Arena Ball while the Broncos were warming up down in Houston
in preparation for the Super Bowl, but alas, it was never meant to be.

Oh well.....There's always NEXT YEAR..... :(