Monday, September 8, 2003

My First Attempt At Blogging

This is just a test blog to see how this all workks (personally I can do

the same thing simply by creating an HTML page with Netscape Composer and naming it something like blog.html

There's nothing really fancy about it. I mean afterall, it's just an HTML page.

This is just yet ANOTHER way these desperate DOT BOMB companies are managing to stay in business. They think that if they can get the public to believe that blog is another protocol instead of what it REALLY is (which is just a simple HTML page which conveys the thoughts of the poster), they can survive and ride out the meltdown caused (predominately) by 9/11 and the Bush Administration.

Can you believe some of these companies actually CHARGE for this??? It's INSANE. I prefer video (or at least audio) MUCH better. That IS why I host a talk show, ya know (even though I haven't done a show since 9/11). :-) You can't beat an audio or video blog.

Well....So much for a "test" blog I guess. :-)

Anyhow, keep an eye on THIS SPACE RIGHT HERE as I will use this space to convey my thoughts on just about ANYTHING under the sun (I'm a Liberal Democrat :-)). It'll also be used for my upcoming TV show called "Stupid Stuff", which will be on the website my VERY OWN Internet TV station, Jeeper One Television Network (when relaunched) as I'll create a section SPECIFICALLY for that show alone. :-)

In the meantime....Stay tuned! :-)

Cheers for now my friends :-)
Pat Cook
Denver, Colorado

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