Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I'm MOVING (Well....Sort Of :-) )

Well after MONTHS of trying to put off the inevitable, I was recently told that I either had to move out of my one bedroom apartment (due to my housekeeping problems, which is a LONG story which too lengthy for a blog) or move into a studio apartment if I wanted to stay where I'm at now as far as where my snail mail goes.

Faced with this ultimatum (not to mention a LEASE RENEWAL to boot), I chose the latter. I was offered one on the 1st floor, which would be great as far as walking is concerned, but as far as some of my hobbies (one of them being a Ham Radio Operator are concerned, I may as well be UNDERNEATH the building (RF doesn't travel very far if it's confined to a ground level apartment :-( ). Given this scenario, I told the manager that I'd take the 1st floor apartment if nothing else was available, but I'd much prefer something on one of the upper floors (I'm on the top floor, which is the 9th flooor now).

Luckily, my only phone is a cell phone, so I won't be out of touch with the outside world. However I'm gonna have to get my cable service (which includes the Internet) transferred as soon as possible once I know for certain when I'll be moving into the new apartment. Early guesstimate is I'll be able to start moving in as early as the middle of next month, though I doubt that will be written in stone just yet. I'll also have to notify the Post Office as well as just about everyone else I do business with (at least those who need to know) of the apartment change. I'm also luckily as this won't affect my ability to vote in the upcoming November election (it's a mail-in election with a ballot here in Colorado full of referendum measures and other ammendments. Nothing which will really draw a large voter turnout), though I'll have to send in a change of address when I mail my ballot and follow that up with a trip to the DMV to get a new ID or a sticker put on the back of my current one (Being an experienced Election Judge here in Denver County, I know that if I don't do it this way, it'd be just my luck for it to be an issue during the Presidential Primary. I see it all the time while sitting at the polling place and hear other people's stories. Really quite fascinating - NOT).

Speaking of judging elections, how many of YOU have done this? It's one of THE most important roles of our electoral process!!! Why, without us JUDGES, the election officials would have to DO IT THEMSELVES!!! And you know how much THAT would cost.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand, I'll try to keep you all posted on this. I'll also try to post a quick blog entry the day before (if not then, maybe in the wee hours of the morning of moving day itself, which is likely to be the case :-( ). I doubt I'll post about anything else during this period (unless another 9/11 happens - heaven forbid of course :-}).

Well....time to the wrapper on this one and post it. Cheers for now :-)


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