Friday, October 10, 2003


Well....I see it's Columbus Day. *WHOOPIE-DOO!*

Had to do yet SOME MORE running around last night (geez....Am I *ever* gonna catch up with myself?). This time it was Grocery Shopping - Round Two. The place - The usual. Albertsons on Alameda & Broadway (For you Colorado Bloggers out there :-)).

Prices for most of the items I regularly buy returned to normal (hence NO 10 for $10 for cans of soup :-( ). Got the usual amount (Eight cans to cover the next week; I wonder WHY I'm still using that number). The nice bonus though was a half gallon of Heath Toffee Bar Ice Cream for $3.50 or 2 for $7.00

Anyway....Got all checked out so the store knew I wasn't stealing anything and called a cab so I could get my stuff home WITHOUT breaking my foolish neck in the process. I asked for a van from Metro Taxi

While I was waiting, I spotted an old friend and we talked for a few minutes until her taxi came. Was sitting out front with three HEAVY bags of groceries (good thing they were those big cloth ones) waiting for my taxi to arrive.

20 minutes later, my cell phone rings. It's Metro Taxi saying "Your cab has arrived".

I'm like Okay....I'm sitting outside in front of the store with a clear view. WHERE IS IT?? I don't see it, so it OBVIOUSLY hasn't arrived yet.

After a minute or two of this, GUESS WHICH taxi shows up.


The reason why this is significant is because I order vans due to the extra head and leg room they have over the cars as I'm a tall man.

Anyway, I send the man on his merry way after telling him I ordered a van.

So NOW I figure GREAT! Not only am I with a half gallon of MELTING ICE CREAM, but NOW I've BEEN KICKED OUT OF THE METRO TAXI SYSTEM TO BOOT!!!

Needless to say, I call Metro Taxi AGAIN to RE-ORDER the van (or double-check to see if my order was still in the queue, which it wasn't). They assure me they'd get one out to me "on a priority" (whatever the hell that means).

20 minutes later, I call them AGAIN because the cab I had re-ordered had still not arrived. The man tells me that cab 142 had left six minutes ago to pick me up. He also said there were NO VANS in my area. I said GREAT! you're sending me ANOTHER CAR! He assured me that wasn't the case. I said "okay" and hung up. Two minutes later, my cab FINALLY pulls up.

But the cabbie DOESN'T KNOW THE AREA!!!!

He told me he normally does business in the SE part of town (didn't say where, but it was obvious he didn't know the streets in my area too well, but he eventually figured it out).

The fare came out to $2.80 so I gave him $3.00 and we called it even (afterall, what can you do with 20 cents these days?). After the better part of AN HOUR, I finally got my stuff home and sat down with my ice cream (which MIRACULOUSLY hadn't melted as much as expected), Diet Pepsi, and glass of water. :-)

Ahh.....Nothin' like unwinding for the evening..... :-)

Cheers for now :-)


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