Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Podcasting Into the Blogosphere - What's The Problem?

There seems to be this "rumor" floating around the blogosphere
about the concept of using blogging techniques as a means of creating a
whole new medium known as "podcasting". And its quickly becoming
a buzz. Some like it. Some (admittedly like me) just aren't
quite sure what to make of it. And then there are others who FLAT
OUT HATE the idea.

Hence the subject of tonight's "Real Deal". So sit
back and relax. Blogging is (of course) welcome, but hurling flames is ABSOLUTELY


I honestly don't see what the big problem is. Most
anyone who visits my blog knows that I not only use text and audio, but
I use VIDEO as well.

About THE ONLY thing I haven't done with audio or video
is SYNDICATE it using XML.

That is until now.

I suppose I could do so with my video blogs, but I don't
believe the software used for subscribing to podcasts support video yet
(someone can correct me on this). But first lemme give a very basic
overview of what podcasting REALLY is.

Contrary to popular belief in the blogosphere, a podcast
is really more like a talk show. Although some podcasts have music,
the vast majority of all podcasts are all talk. The range of topics
is as vast and wide as the blogosphere itself. On the right hand
of the screen, you will see an array of links to various "podcast-enabled"
blogs of all types. But in the meantime, continuing with my brief

Quoting Dave Winer of The Daily Source Code (You can kill
me later Dave :) )....

"Think how a desktop aggregator works. You subscribe to
a set of feeds, and then can easily view the new stuff from all of the
feeds together, or each feed separately.

Podcasting works the same way, with one exception. Instead
of reading the new content on a computer screen, you listen to the new
content on an iPod or iPod-like device.

Think of your iPod as having a set of subscriptions that
are checked regularly for updates. Today there are a limited number of
programs available this way. The format used is RSS 2.0 with enclosures.

In the future, radio shows like All Things Considered
and Rush Limbaugh will be available in this manner, and perhaps other syndication
formats will support enclosures."

The "enclosure" Dave refers to is an MP3 file that is
the actual podcast. You use podcast-compatible software (which you
can get FREE OF CHARGE @
). also offers a YP service that you can use to search
for interesting podcasts.

What MY take on all this you ask?

Sure RSS will still be the way of syndicating multimedia-enabled blogs.
But instead of having to read an emotionless text-based blog, your visitors
can now capture THE CONTEXT & EMOTION with which you're trying to use
to make your point or say something. That is because they will be
able to LISTEN to your blog WHENEVER & WHEREVER they want as opposed
to feeling ROCK BOUND & HOG TIED to their computer as they try to READ
your blog. Who wants to feel that way as they surf the 'net?
Do YOU like to feel that way when surfin' the 'net?

Granted Wireless access to the 'net is making it possible
to surf the 'net and read text in much the same way. But you don't
dare try to DRIVE A CAR while surfin' the 'net via your Wireless connection,
do you? Of course not. NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would do
this. That's just as bad as having a conference call putting together
that multi-million $$$ deal as you attempt to drive down the street with
the hope (and prayer?) of not running into anything or anyone.

Unlike text-based blogs, podcasts can be burned onto CD-R
or copied onto any suitable portable MP3 player (it doesn't neccessarily
have to be an iPod, ya know) for safe listening and enjoyment.

I plan to start offering podcasts myself. They will
consist of a variety of things INCLUDING (but not limited to) actual archives
of "The Pat Cook Show". I may eventually make several regular podcasts,
depending on the topic and offering. And I'll most likely be amongst
the first to start offering VIDEO once that option is supported too.

Either way, I really don't see what's behind all the negative
fuss about podcast-enabled blogs that's floating around the blogosphere.
People can think of my blog what they will. I can't stop that.
Heck, given all the Pro-Liberal posts I've made lately, I can just imagine
how many Right-Wingists have called me UNAMERICAN. But you know what?
I really don't care. Oh sure, feedback IS welcome, but if you think
I concern myself with all the talk about me and/or my blog that goes on
behind my back, that is simply not true because I figure it this way.....

If someone doesn't have the guts to say what they think
to my face, then that just goes to show how much of a COWARD they are.

And that is tonight's "Real Deal.

Cheers for now & Happy Holidays :-)

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