Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm Baack (Plus Dad's Death)

It's been awhile since I've blogged.
This is mostly because my cable company
decided to cut me off even though I had made payment arrangements and told
them outright that I could only meet them halfway in part. But since
they waives the re-activation fees (and installed my UPGRADE in cable TV
service), I really can't complain, so I'll skip it and move on.

While I was in the world of the offline and had NO TV (over the air
signals don't penetrate walls very well), my Dad died. Got a call
on the night of February 21st from my one brother Bill who lives in town.
He said he got a call from Hospice (I guess Mom gave them his number or
something since she was too sick and unable to travel). He said that
Dad's condition had become critical and that they were going to put him
on watch. The following day at around 1:45 PM, I got the news that
he had died some 45 minutes earlier. Bill left a message in my voice
mail as he was crying his eyes out. My Mom, who was set to have her gall
bladder removed the following Monday, was also informed as was my brother
Leonard, who lives in Kansas City, MO

Mom went in to have her surgery as planned on Monday February 24th.
We all figured that Dad would want that. She had spent the remainder
of the weekend before at Bill's apartment as the news of Dad's death spread.
She spent most of the time contacting friends (both past & present),
relatives, and anybody else we could think of. Leonard went straight
to the hospital where my Mom was as soon as he arrived in town (He drove
the entire trip from Kansas City to Denver. He even got a "souvenier"
courtesy of the Kansas Highway
Patrol in the form of a speeding ticket to show for it).

Both Leonard and Bill did all the running around and telephone calling
for the upcoming funeral so Mom wouldn't have to be saddled with anything
after surgery besides getting well. I spent the week with her at
her apartment so she wouldn't be alone at a time when someone in her position
shouldn't be and I also helped out as best I could with whatever she needed.

The funeral was on Friday February 28th at Fort
Logan National Cemetery It was a wonderful service.
Both of my brothers spoke and gave eulogies and stuff. Mom was even
presented with the U.S. flag in honor of Dad's military service (He was
in the Army stationed in Germany from 1954-1957).. It was listed
in the obituaries of both Denver papers. If I find one online, I'll
be sure to post a link to the obituary here.

As for the political issues that went on during this time, I'll save
that for another day (my head is STILL spinning). But rest assured
Republicans, you WILL NOT like what *I* have to say. YOU ARE ON NOTICE!!!

Cheers for now :-)


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