Friday, February 3, 2006

Pat's Podcast Episode 25

This is the second podcast with Mom in tow. :)

Topics included are a trip with Mom to HER Doctor's office (On a FREEZING day no less!), Bush & his hypocritical comments on America's "addiction" to oil, A rant on Drivers who seemingly get their license out of a Cracker Jack box (With the so-called "skills" to match) AND MORE!!

NOTE: This is FAR from the best audio quality for someone using an iRiver due to my not ensuring the clip on mic was actually plugged into the MIC jack instead of the headphone jack AND slipping the iRiver UNDER my coat, thus making it difficult for the built-in mic to capture audio properly.

Basically...It's all due to MY STUPIDITY!! :} *Look of Embarrassment*

But if you REALLY wanna download it....GO FOR IT!! :)

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