Monday, August 28, 2006

Our Strange & Wacky Weather

Our cross-town neighbor from Prism Of Whispers (aka Thoughtprints) created this post back in June, but I'm beginning to think it somehow applies to August as well.

I mean AM I LOSING IT or did Autumn suddenly decide to fall early? Or did Spring somehow decide to FINALLY spring late?

Just the other night, the weather people even uttered the "S" word for the folks up in the mountains.

I suppose next thing we'll know is the "S" word being in the forecast for the Denver Metro Area itself - IN THE MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER.

Ahh....But then again, if we can have 80 degrees in the middle of January while California is dealing with mudslides and The Big Apple is stuck in a deep freeze, then I suppose we can have 55 to 65 degree temperatures in the middle of August.

Either way you look at, the weather here in Denver, CO sure has been strange lately, hasn't it?

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