Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get A Load Of This (The Latest On The Relocation Process)

First off, please forgive my erroneous typing as I slightly cut one of the fingers I use to type with and has a band aid on it (Though I'll try to catch and correct all the errors possible).

That out of the way....You won't believe the surprise I got last week.

I had put in for a 504 (That's government lingo for a reasonable accomondation BTW) for the new apartment that I'll be moving into (The building I'm living in now will soon be renovated and everyone has to be relocated). Well, I was under the impression that the local housing authority here granted my 504 *WITH* a roll-in shower as it was supposedly (??) REQUIRED BY LAW (The relocation counselor inasmuch told me so herself).

Well suffice to say, when a friend of mine (who's also my power of attorney outside of my mom, who also advocates for me) called the Legal Department, he found out that not only was there MORE than one type of 504, he also said I WASN'T EVEN APPROVED for a 504 with a roll-in shower (They approved a 504 *WITHOUT* a roll-in shower instead).

Furthermore, I was also under the impression that they were also working on converting a regular unit into a 504 (The manager even told me so when I met her while visiting my mom, who has to be AT LEAST within the same complex as we look after each other and are there for each other as needed). That too proved to be a bold-faced lie as my friend/PoA was told that "It wasn't in the budget" and that they "were out of money"

He said it was a reason. I told him it was EXACTLY what it was - AN EXCUSE - One that allows them to take the slick, cheesy way out.

As for my mom living in the same complex with me (But not the same apartment). Guess what, that also needs to be a part of the 504 request It wasn't originally as we thought that all we needed were doctor's statements in our file.


Apparently, statements made by doctors on plain ordinary paper or office stationery somehow isn't good enough for the local HA. They need the request on the official form (Apparently so their pretty logo is stamped all over it and is prominently displayed).


All this just as my name was (And hopefully still is) at the top of the list of people in need of a new place to live for at least the next couple of years or so. If it *isn't* at or near the top, I'm gonna have some MAJOR issues (On top of the ones I already have)
As a result of all this, I've not only gotta RESUBMIT A WHOLE NEW 504 REQUEST, but I've also gotta take the form down to my doctor's office to fill out AGAIN and hope he doesn't decide to shoot the messenger *CRINGE!* (He HATED having to fill it out the first time given all the questions, most of them REDUNDANT, that are on there and even contemplated BILLING the local HA for the time which he could've, if not SHOULD HAVE been able to devote to other patients). In fact, when they saw it the first time, one of his secretaries even quipped that HER FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER could've written a better form. My mom and I laughed at THAT one :) *LOL!*

And to top it all off.....The 90 Day notice has already been issued.

So here I sit. Instead of sitting in new place doing something else on my computer, I am still stuck in my old apartment and NO LONGER knowing just where I'll be moved to because of some @!%^&( )(^&%$ BUREACRATIC RED TAPE that someone decided to throw at me simply because A). THEY ARE A BUREAUCRATIC ASSHOLE and B). I didn't add the part of my mom living in the same complex as me in the original 504.

Ohh yeah...Did I fail to mention that if they don't eventually move me into the same building that my mom lives in now and move me elsewhere, they will have to move my mom AGAIN (Or pay her for the trouble of moving - AGAIN)?? Gee...I must've missed that part...

Well....That's all the news for now. More to follow on this as developments warrant. :D

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