Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Latest On Dad

Well I paid a visit to Dad this afternoon
at the Hospice Care Facility today. He looks good (apparently MUCH
better than he did before), but it doesn't look like he'll be released
anytime soon (this is due mostly to my parents' current living situation
- Don't get me started on THAT tangent). From what I've been told,
he still can't hardly do anything (Even HEARING is a major challenge for
him). He can hardly get out of bed, let alone do anything else.

Aside from that and a few aches and pains, he's his ol' usual self.

I keep hoping he'll be released sometime soon, but I'm told he needs
a night nurse. And since my mom is NOT a licensed nurse, even though
she's his Personal Care Assistant, she can't possibly serve as his night
nurse and STILL be expected to do the same during many of the daylight
hours. In short, he basically needs 24/7 care. which is why
he's back in the hospital in the Hospice Care Facility.

His diet is mostly liquids as he can't even chew, so it doesn't look
like he'll get his appetite back simply by eating a six inch Veggie Delite
imported from the nearby Subway
anytime soon either (I was able to pull this trick off with ease when my
Mom had Hip Replacement surgery several years back. Jared would be
so proud. :)).

Well....That's the latest news from here, now back to you in the studio
(Wait....I am in the studio. What am I talking about???
:) *LOL!*)

Cheers for now :)


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