Monday, January 26, 2004

BREAKING NEWS ON THE HOME FRONT: Dad's Back In the Hospital Again

Just got the news from Mom not even 20 mins.
ago. My brother Bill will pay him a visit tomorrow. If he's
still there, hopefully I will do the same in the next couple of days (I'm
almost flat broke as it now that I don't even have the bus fare for a ONE
WAY trip, let alone a round trip one).if they'll allow me to do so (It's
a somewhat complicated issue). Otherwise, I'll try to give him a
call oon the phone. Of course, phone contact isn't the same as contact
in person (especially for someone who may be on their death bed), but it's
the thought that counts, isn't it? He's there due to overall weakness. He's also not eating very well. Doctors haven't a clue why or what's causing his currrent problems.

I'll keep everyone posted on Bill's visit when he updates me tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my other brother Leonarrd in Kansas
City, MO has been informed by Bill & I (and probably Mom too).
Hopefully he won't have to fly in. But if he does, oh well.....

I'm also hopeful that the hospitalization is only temporary, although
since he's in hospice care due to his colon cancer and reaction to chemo
treatment, he'll most likely (and very sadly) be in and out of the hospital
for AT LEAST the bulk of 2004. With any luck at all, he'll live long
enough to see another holiday season, but even that may be somewhat ambitious.

Cheers for now :-)


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