Saturday, January 10, 2004

New Year's Resolutions & Other Stuff

By way of of the Brain
Engines V2.67 Blog
I stumbled across this
that, in it's own little funny way, kinda
makes you ask yourself what your New Years Rresolution should be.
Being the curious cat I was, I decided to take this little test and, well....Here's
my score.

Take the What Should
Your New Year's Resolution Be?

You can take you own test by surfin'
on over to this URL
After the test, you'll be given
some HTML to do whatever you want with. Kinda neat huh? :-)

Say...Hey.....ATTENTION COLORADO BLOGGERS....I keep seeing
a link in the Colorado
Bloggers Ring
a website by a group who (saupposedly)
pick a place to meet in person. Several blogs in the same ring indicate
there's a blog page on Diary-X by the group, but BOTH the Colorado
Bloggers Ring Listing
& the
Diary-X Page
that's on several blog sites results
in a 404 NOT FOUND error. Nothing comes up on Google either. :-( Does ANYONE know if this group
is still around and, if so, the URL of their website or blog page?
This sounds like a very interesting group if I can get in touch with someone
to find out what they do and the like. :-) MUCH thanks in advance
for any info. anyone can give. :-) It's as if this group has
seemingly fallen off the face of the earth or something. :-(

Anyways....In other news.....I **FINALLY** found an RSS Reader that works with Windows so I'm now able to read other people's blogs if they have an RSS or XML feed. So far I've surfed my way through the Colorado
Bloggers Ring
and found quite a few people with RSS feeds of one kind or another. I also went through the Yahoo!
Group Online Diaries Ring
but quickly found that I'm THE ONLY one with an RSS feed. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?

I'll be going through all the other rings to get the feeds from all the
other members of those things too in the very near future. No, this
isn't to launch some sort of "terrorist attack" (God knows the Bush Administration
does enough of that themselves, but that's a completely different subject
for a different day :-)).

Incidentally, you can grab the RSS feed for ALL of my blog entries just by clickin on the RSS FEED in the left hand column at the top. This is provided as a FREE
service to you for your convience. :-)

Finally, I heard they lowered the "terror alert" level today from Orange to Yellow today. You know what that means for us Liberals. That means the Bush Administration needs more time to plan the next "terror alert". Incidentally, has anyone read this
in the New
York Observer
??? Pretty SCARY stuff. I recently heard that a California Deomocrat (can't think of the guy's name, but he apparently serves on one of the Intelligence committees) once told reporters that he can see the "terror alert" level dropping all the way down to blue (the lowest it can go), "Sometime in his lifetime". Heh.

I can see THAT happening as early as January 20th 2005 when President Bush
receives his ONE WAY ticket back to Crawford, TX after we elect a Democrat
into the White House who will restore REAL Honesty & Integrity back
into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But until that happens, we're just gonna have to ride
out the Conservative storm of '04.....

Anyhow....It's getting late and I need to post this. I'm tired. Got lots to blog about and not enough to do it in. :-( *Ugh!* Don't ya just HATE that feeling?

Cheers for now :-)

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