Monday, January 5, 2004

Denver Broncos PATHETIC SO-CALLED "Performance" Against The Indianapolis Colts

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Boy....Can ANYONE believe the way the SORRY-ASSED Broncos
played today against Indy?? I mean TALK ABOUT COCKY & ARRROGANT.

"WE are the ones who BEAT YOU so if ANYONE has ANYTHING
to prove, it's YOU". That's the mentality the Broncos went into the
game today and it cost 'em.

To the tune of 41-10.

Is it just me or did the Broncos players go into the game
thinking that all they had to do was to simply repeat what they did two
weeks ago and they'd somehow *Automagically* win? WHY in the world
do they think the coaches KNEW that Indy would find ways to adjust and
counter what the Broncos did just two weeks ago? Go figure.

Oh well. At least we won't have to wait very long
until the Colorado Crush of the Arena League to look forward to in just
about a month from now, but that won't be the same as watching the Broncos
in the Super Bowl. In a way, I was kinda looking forward to watching
the Crush play Arena Ball while the Broncos were warming up down in Houston
in preparation for the Super Bowl, but alas, it was never meant to be.

Oh well.....There's always NEXT YEAR..... :(

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